Scam alert!

Posted on: September 13, 2013

Some of our subscribers recently received a fraudulent renewal offer asking them to renew their subscription to The Sun for the price of $79.95 with a payment due of $39.95. This letter did not come from us, and we are not affiliated with the company that mailed it. If you receive such a notice, do not send them any money.

Legitimate subscription correspondence from The Sun features our logo and the address of our subscription department in Harlan, Iowa. (Click here to view a PDF sample.) You can safely renew your subscription via our printed renewal notices, through our online customer-care portal, or by phone at (888) 732-6736.

If you have received a suspicious renewal notice, please send it to our editorial office:

The Sun
Attn: Molly House, Circulation & Events Manager
107 North Roberson Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Thank you for supporting The Sun.

Note: A previous fraudulent offer asked subscribers to renew for $111 with an amount due of $55.50.

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