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Customer Service
The Sun
Customer-Service Department
P.O. Box 323
Congers, NY 10920-0323
888-732-6736 (toll-free)
Office hours: 8 am–5 pm est, Mon–Fri
This office handles: Subscription orders or questions, address changes, missed issues, damaged issues, mailing-list removal requests, book orders and questions, and donations.

Editorial Office
The Sun
107 North Roberson Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
919-932-3101 fax
Office hours: 9 am–5 pm est, Mon–Fri.
This office handles: Editorial correspondence, questions about back-issue orders, reprint requests, and general inquiries.

Letters To The Editor
If you’re thinking about writing a letter for The Sun’s Correspondence section, give in to the temptation. We love getting mail. (Of course, we reserve the right to edit.) Send us your letter online, or write to:

The Sun
107 North Roberson Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 932-3101 fax

Contacting Authors, Photographers, or Interview Subjects
In order to protect the privacy of our contributors, we do not distribute their personal contact information. We’re glad to forward first-class mail to a contributor for you. Please send your correspondence to:

(Contributor’s Name)
c/o The Sun
107 North Roberson Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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Please use the form above. Let us know who you're trying to reach by including the person's name in the subject line. We'll make sure he or she receives your note.