Contributors  March 2010 | issue 411

Roy Arenella’s photographs have appeared in The New York Times, The Village Voice, and Popular Photography. He was a social-service worker in New York City for thirty years and now lives in the village of Greenwich, New York.

JENNIFER BISBING lives in Chicago. Her current project, wicker women, is a celebration of the women who work and live in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. She is donating all of the proceeds to Connections for Abused Women and Their Children.

William Carter’s photographs are in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany. His latest book is Causes and Spirits. He lives in San Mateo, California.

Dane Cervine’s latest book is a collection of poems and essays titled How Therapists Dance. His teenage son, Gabe Kittle-Cervine, has recently discovered he’s a spoken-word poet and can be seen on YouTube reciting his work.

THOMAS CLARK is a part-time photographer, writer, tennis player, and recluse. He lives in St. Albans, New York.

BEN DEPP enjoys taking pictures, gardening, and converting old bicycles into cargo bikes. He lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where he works for a microfinance organization. Following the January 2010 earthquake he spent his days pulling people out of the rubble and transporting the injured on his motorcycle.

JOE HOOVER is working toward becoming an ordained priest. He is the campus minister at Red Cloud High School on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in southwest South Dakota, where both Catholic Masses and sweat-lodge ceremonies are offered. His writing has been published in the Cresset, AGNI online, and Best Catholic Writing 2006 (Loyola Press).

PAUL HOSTOVSKY works as a sign-language interpreter in Boston, Massachusetts. His poetry has won a Pushcart Prize, been read on the radio program The Writer’s Almanac, and been featured on the websites Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and Best of the Net (in 2008 and 2009). His new book, A Little in Love a Lot, is forthcoming from Main Street Rag.

JONATHAN KIME writes grants for an international reproductive-rights organization and is working on a collection of essays about the two and a half years he lived and worked in East Timor after that country claimed independence from Indonesia. He lives with his wife and dog near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

RICHARD LANGE is the author of the short-story collection Dead Boys (Back Bay Books) and the novel This Wicked World (Little, Brown and Company). He has walked from the Mexican border to Palm Springs, California, and hopes to make it all the way to Canada someday. He lives in Los Angeles.

C.S. Lewis was a British novelist, essayist, and theologian who wrote extensively about Christianity and was best known for his series of children’s novels, The Chronicles of Narnia. He died in 1963.

Robert Meyer is a wedding and fine-art photographer who lives in Red Wing, Minnesota. His photos have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Minnesota Monthly.

D. PATRICK MILLER writes regularly for the online journal Elephant and is the founder of Fearless Books and Fearless Literary Services. His latest book is Living with Miracles: A Common-Sense Guide to A Course in Miracles. He lives in Berkeley, California.

CYNDI PRINCE lives in Camden, Maine, with her partner and son. She recently launched her own business, Wooly Rounds, selling a clothes-drying product she invented.

Sy Safransky is the editor and publisher of The Sun.

Craig J. Satterlee teaches photography at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. He also travels the world taking pictures and searching for the best pizza.

JACKIE SHANNON HOLLIS lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon, where their cat, Fred, often sits at the windowsill and looks out at the cedar trees while she writes. Her work has appeared in Rosebud, the Rambler, High Desert Journal, and Oregon Literary Review, and she has completed a novel, for which she is seeking an agent. A different version of her essay in this issue, called “Subtitles” was published in May 2005 in the online journal MARY.

MARY ANNE STIMPFLING has a love for rusted car parts and likes to wear something pink — usually work gloves or lipstick — when using power tools. She lives in Missoula, Montana, and makes ends meet by photographing weddings and making portraits.

On the Cover

CLEMENS KALISCHER lives in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He took this month’s cover photograph in the early 1950s in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The man on the right is Oskar Kokoschka, a Viennese artist who was teaching classes through the local museum. The other people in the photograph are his students.