Contributors  October 2013 | issue 454

LARRY BLACKWOOD lives in Bozeman, Montana, where he serves as a volunteer firefighter and teaches computing at the local senior center. His work has appeared in LensWork, Black & White, and Color Magazine.

Teetle Clawson lives and writes in Santa Cruz, California, in a trailer at the edge of the continent.

LYNN DAVIS is the pseudonym of a writer who lives in the Southeast.

Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland Magazine at the University of Portland in Oregon. His most recent book is a collection of essays titled So Very Much the Best of Us.

KATHLEEN FOUNDS lives in Marina, California, and teaches English at Cabrillo College. In her spare time she forgets to water her artichokes and writes and illustrates children’s books about angst-ridden animals. She often works on her novel while her baby daughter, Violet, naps in her lap.

KATHY K. GERBER lives in New York City and has studied photography with many teachers, but her strongest influence is her father, photographer Carl Edward Gerber, known for his images of steam locomotives of the 1940s.

Edis Jurčys works as a freelance photographer and videographer in Portland, Oregon. One slice of his Lithuanian bread is a whole meal.

GINA KELLY likes to photograph animals and the ways humans interact with them. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

HYEYOUNG KIM lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Richard Koenig lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and teaches art and photography at Kalamazoo College. His current photography project is titled Contemporary Views along the First Transcontinental Railroad.

Steve Kowit was the author of In the Palm of Your Hand: The Poet’s Portable Workshop and seven poetry collections. A critically acclaimed poet, he died in April 2015 at the age of seventy-six.

ANDREW LAWLER is a freelance journalist who has covered such topics as Afghan archaeology, Washington politics, and Martian geology. His last article for Smithsonian was a cover story on the history of the chicken.

JAMIE LAWRENCE is a tap-dancing, songwriting, filmmaking romantic. She lives in Van Nuys, California.

RAFAL MALESZYK lives in Waipahu, Hawaii. His work has been published in LensWork, Black & White, and Silvershotz.

LEE ANN McGUIRE is a photographer and yoga instructor who lives in Ventura, California. She has been taking photographs since the age of ten, but her interest in fitness didn’t come until after she had her first child.

MARGARET McMULLAN is the author of six novels, including Sources of Light, In My Mother’s House, How I Found the Strong, and When I Crossed No-Bob. She was recently a Fulbright professor of English at the University of Pécs in Hungary and currently holds the Melvin M. Peterson Endowed Chair in Literature and Writing at the University of Evansville in Indiana.

JONATHAN A. MEYERS has settled in Sagamore Hills, Ohio, after living for thirty-two years in New Mexico. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and Sierra.

Anna Kaufman Moon’s work has appeared in The New York Times, Life, and Newsweek. She lives in Cobleskill, New York.

ALMA RIVERA says that, when she was born, she was so pale she was called “Casper” (after the cartoon ghost), and when she was a teenager, she was so skinny she was called Olive Oyl (after Popeye’s girlfriend). Now that she’s approaching fifty, she’s more like a woman in a Botticelli painting. She lives in Astoria, New York.

MARK SMITH-SOTO is the longtime editor of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s International Poetry Review. His memoir in verse, about his experiences as a university student in the early seventies, is titled Berkeley Prelude.

MATTHEW VOLLMER is the author of the story collection Future Missionaries of America and an essay collection titled Inscriptions for Headstones. He lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he and his ten-year-old son enjoy playing Fireball Island, a three-dimensional board game from the 1980s.

On the Cover

JOSHUA SAGE lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and his work has been published in Pilgrimage. He took this month’s cover photo­graph on Vashon Island, Washington, while waiting to officiate the wedding of some close friends. The ceremony took place in an old teak house from Indonesia that had been restored, disassembled, and then shipped to the U.S. The boy in the photo is the groom’s nephew.