Robert Bitsko works at a substance-abuse detox facility in Burlington, Vermont. He is the proud guardian of a nine-year-old English bulldog named The Fatz. Like most ex-crystal-meth-addicts, he enjoys coffee and naps.

Arnie Cooper’s writing has appeared in Wired, The Atlantic, and Poets & Writers. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, where he teaches English as a second language.

Brooke Ferguson lives in San Francisco with her dog, Peanut. She has a phobia of fresh fruits (bananas are the scariest), which is a shame because she also has a major sweet tooth. She occasionally tweets @BrookeIsTall.

Catherine Freeling lives in Berkeley, California, where she enjoys taking long walks on many of the city’s 136 footpaths. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Mississippi Review, Poet Lore, and Rattle.

Jessica Halliday hates writing but can’t seem to stop herself. She lives in Spokane, Washington, and teaches at Gonzaga University. Her writing has appeared most recently in Sports Illustrated Online and Better: Culture and Lit. You can follow her on Twitter @jdhalliday12.

Frances Lefkowitz is the author of the memoir To Have Not, about growing up poor in 1970s San Francisco. Her writing has appeared in Tin House, Good Housekeeping, and Utne Reader. She lives in Petaluma, California, and runs the Community Memoir Project, teaching free writing workshops in public libraries.

Kathryn Phelan is a freelance editor who splits her time between Dublin and London. (Her heart is Irish, but her boyfriend is British.) She prefers to be in constant motion and will book any cheap-enough flight on principle. She should sleep more.

On the Cover

Laina McWhorter is a photographer and mother who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She took this month’s cover photograph at the wedding of a couple who celebrated their marriage in an old movie theater. It is an ode to J.R. Eyerman’s 1952 photo of opening night of Bwana Devil, the first color 3D movie.