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Selections from the September issue
September 2009 issue

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery:
Janine Benyus On The Virtues Of Imitating Nature

“I don’t think that new technologies alone will save us. What will get us through the evolutionary bottleneck is a change of heart, which will come about when we begin to see nature not as a resource but as a sentient master.” 
Interview by David Kupfer

The Classified Ad
Lost: one brother
Essay by Lee Martin

The Middle Of Nowhere
Stranded in Mongolia, abandoned in the Outback, set adrift by a stroke
Personal stories by our readers

Plus: Poetry by Tony Hoagland and Sunbeams

Favorite from the archives
June 1990 cover

From the June 1990 issue:

Why Schools Don’t Educate
Essay by John Taylor Gatto
“I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my twenty-nine years of teaching — that schools and schooling are increasingly irrelevant to the great enterprises of the planet. No one believes anymore that scientists are trained in science classes, or politicians in civics classes, or poets in English classes. The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders.”

This essay appears in the anthology Stubborn Light: The Best of The Sun, Volume III.

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What bloggers are saying

A San Francisco couple argues about the scientific veracity of Stanislav Grof’s claims (“Across the Universe,” interview by Angela Winter, August 2009) and discovers a new way to disagree.

A father of three in Long Beach, California, reflects on white privilege, civil rights, and institutional racism after reading David Cook’s interview with Tim Wise (“By the Color of Their Skin,” July 2009).

Inspired by Derrick Jensen’s interview with Paul Stamets (“Going Underground,” February 2008), a Brooklyn couple attempts to grow shitake and oyster mushrooms on a Norway maple log. Meanwhile, a violinist in New Hampshire recalls the same interview upon finding a bountiful wild-mushroom crop in the woods.

After discovering the work of Chris Hedges (“Moral Combat,” interview by Bethany Saltman, December 2008), a Seattle artist attends one of his talks about “consumerism, celebrity worship, and the cult of the self in America” and shares an audio link.

A writer in Vermont identifies with the final lines of Eric Anderson’s poem “A Warning” (August 2009) and lists what she most wants to remember about August.

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Most-read on our website
  1. Across The Universe:
    Stanislav Grof On Nonordinary States Of Consciousness

    Interview by Angela Winter
    (August 2009)
  2. The Closest I've Come To God
    Essay by Lois Judson
    (August 2009)
  3. Fences
    Readers Write
    (August 2009)
  4. A Warning
    Poetry by Eric Anderson
    (August 2009)
  5. Final Dispositions
    Fiction by Linda McCullough Moore
    (February 2009)
Weekend gathering in Big Sur, California
Esalen baths and coastline

Into The Fire:
The Sun Celebrates Personal Writing

Join Sun readers, authors, and staff — including editor and publisher Sy Safransky — for a weekend of investigating our lives through the written word. The Sun’s fall gathering will be held on October 30–November 1 at Esalen, a retreat center situated on twenty-seven acres of spectacular Big Sur coastline. A large enrollment is expected; we recommend registering soon by contacting the Esalen Institute, 55000 Highway One, Big Sur, CA 93920, (831) 667-3005, www.esalen.org.

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