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Selections from the November issue
November 2009 issue

Who Will Heal The Healers?
Pamela Wible On What’s Missing From Healthcare Reform

“Anything will work as long as we establish human relationships with each other. I don’t care if it’s private or government run: if the foundation is not ethical human relationships, then it will fall apart.” 
Interview by Jamie Passaro

The Monk, The Woodcarver, And The Sage
Unexpected encounters in the Himalayas
Essay by
Angela Long

Selling Out
On the streets of San Francisco, at a publishing company, in the grocery aisle
Personal stories by our readers

Plus: Poetry by Danusha Laméris and Sunbeams

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Favorite from the archives
July 2004 issue

When They Get To The Corner
Essay by Sy Safransky (July 2004)

“I know that only bad news travels this way, that Sara isn’t calling to tell me her older sister has just fallen in love or landed a great new job. I know, too, that I’d give anything right now to be able to utter some spell, part the veil between worlds, and step into an altogether different world one in which the phone  hasn’t just rung; one in which I’m not about to learn that my twenty-five-year-old daughter was in a car crash this morning, that her pelvis is fractured and she’s bleeding internally and her spinal cord might be injured. But I can’t find the curtain.”


Sun reader Wendy Loughlin writes: “I suffered a stroke in 2002 at the age of twenty-nine; so much of what Safransky writes reminds me of my own father and what he must have gone through with me.”

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What bloggers are saying

Leslee Goodman’s interview with James Howard Kunstler [“The Decline and Fall of the Suburban Empire,” October 2009] elicits comments from a librarian in Colorado, a film reviewer in Vancouver, and a journalist in California.

In honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday, novelist Leslie Pietrzyk shares a recipe for bathtub gin and offers to buy a Sun subscription for one lucky blog reader.

After shutting her hand in a car door, a paramedic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, reflects on the nature of pain and recalls an essay about being bitten by a rattlesnake [“Survival Guide,” by Dana Wildsmith, June 2008].

Indie-rock musician Lou Barlow plugs The Sun during his recent stint as guest editor of MagnetMagazine.com.

A freelance writer in Bellingham, Washington, weighs the difficulties posed by her lack of employment and housing against the delights of receiving care from friends and reading The Sun outside on a beautiful day. She asks: "If on paper, I am poor, homeless, and unemployed, then why do I feel so wealthy?"

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Most-read on our website
  1. The Decline And Fall Of The Suburban Empire:
    James Howard Kunstler On Reshaping The American Landscape

    Interview by Leslee Goodman
    (October 2009)
  2. Why Schools Don't Educate
    Essay by John Taylor Gatto
    (June 1990)
  3. Rain
    Readers Write
    (October 2009)
  4. Confessions From A Conversion Van
    Essay by Jim Ralston
    (October 2009)
  5. The Sincerest Form Of Flattery:
    Janine Benyus On The Virtues Of Imitating Nature

    Interview by David Kupfer
    (September 2009)
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