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Selections from the December issue
December 2009 issue

The Good Hunter:
David Petersen On The Ethics Of Killing Animals For Food

“Once I decide to kill an animal, I think of nothing other than doing it right. The moment after the arrow is released or the trigger squeezed is the most unsettling for the ethical hunter. . . . Please fall down! Die fast! These are the thoughts running through my mind.” 
Interview by Jeremy Lloyd

Eighteen Attempts At Writing About A Miscarriage
Trying to make sense of loss
Essay by Alice Bradley

Toward a misbehaving child, an unrepentant father, an unjust world
Personal stories by our readers

Plus: Poetry by Tony Hoagland, Sy Safransky’s Notebook, and Sunbeams

Favorite from the archives
March 1991 cover

From the May 1991 issue:

Instrument Of The Immortals
Essay by Jake Gaskins
“I used to struggle just to read the notes. For each new piece I attempted, Miss Hodges would have me read the left- and right-hand parts separately, then put them together later. She would assign a few measures each week, marking them off with her number-two pencil and dating them. Now I forge ahead on my own, playing both hands at once. I am reading music faster than I can memorize it. Amazing what the fear of death will do for one’s concentration.”

This essay appears in the anthology Stubborn Light: The Best of The Sun, Volume III.

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What bloggers are saying

A farmer’s wife and homeschooler of six children weighs the idea of buying the farm next door, questions how to farm in a sustainable way, and shares a quote by Wendell Berry [“Digging In,” interview by Jeff Fearnside, July 2008].

An artist in Georgia includes hula hooping, Dita Von Teese, and The Sun in her list of current loves.

A writer in Dallas, Texas, reflects on Lois Judson’s provocative observation about the benefits of good fences and bad boundaries in her essay “I Am Not a Sex Goddess” [January 2009].

Speckyboy Design Magazine features The Sun’s website in its list of “50 Impressive Magazine and Newspaper Styled Web Designs.”

A journalist in Detroit, Michigan, mentors an eighteen-year-old girl through a prison creative-arts project. The girl selects a photo of an abandoned swingset from The Sun as a prompt, and they write stories about ghosts, childhood, and happiness.

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Nearly 150 groups of Sun readers meet regularly to discuss the latest issue of the magazine, or write, or both. Groups have recently formed in:

Crawford, Colorado
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Concord, Massachusetts
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Most-read on our website
  1. Who Will Heal The Healers?
    Pamela Wible On What's Missing From Healthcare Reform

    Interview by Jamie Passaro
    (November 2009)
  2. Selling Out
    Readers Write
    (November 2009)
  3. The Monk, The Woodcarver, And The Sage
    Essay by Angela Long
    (November 2009)
  4. Why Schools Don't Educate
    Essay by John Taylor Gatto
    (June 1990)
  5. The Decline And Fall Of The Suburban Empire:
    James Howard Kunstler On Reshaping The American Landscape

    Interview by Leslee Goodman
    (October 2009)
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