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Selections from the February issue
February 2010 issue

Dean Baker On The Price We’re Still Paying For The Housing Bubble

“Markets are a useful tool. Raving against them is like raving against the wheel: you can either do bad things with the wheel, or you can do great things with the wheel. The point is not to get rid of the market; the point is to structure the market in a way that benefits society as a whole.”
Interview by Anna Blackshaw

Go Fly A Kite
Yearning for a life of plenty
Essay by Frances Lefkowitz

A parent’s car, a friend’s maternity clothes, a stranger’s boyfriend
Personal stories by our readers

Plus: Poetry by Brian Doyle, Sy Safransky’s Notebook, and Sunbeams

Favorite from the archives
January 2004 issue

Essay by Michelle Cacho-Negrete [January 2004]

“The heat that summer was a living thing that tangled around you, tripping you, slowing you to a crawl. New York City was draped in an impressionist haze. It was 1957. I was thirteen and had my first job, stapling tags onto winter clothes in the warehouse of a department store. Previous summers, my brother and I had roamed the streets, drenching ourselves in open fire hydrants, reveling in the water like puppies. We’d sneaked into the air-conditioned movie theater. We’d sucked ice cubes till our lips were blue and trembling.”


Senior Editor Andrew Snee recommends this essay. He writes: “Some of us learn at too young an age how inhumane humans can be, and how powerless we sometimes are to prevent cruelty. Michelle Cacho-Negrete writes memorably and vividly about this, and also about being a teenage girl in the 1950s, about New York City’s tenements and sweatshops, about summer, about the heat.”

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What bloggers are saying

Cofounder and president of the Institute for Humane Education Zoe Weil reflects on Sy Safransky’s Notebook [January 2010] in a series of blog posts.

Jeremy Lloyd’s interview with David Petersen [“The Good Hunter,” December 2009] stirs discussion about the ethics of hunting among members of an heirloom-gardening forum.

Utne Reader features an excerpt from Leslee Goodman’s interview with James Howard Kunstler [“The Decline and Fall of the Suburban Empire,” October 2009] as part of a series on “rethinking the economy and how to prosper in the wake of the recession.”

Members of a prisoner-support community recommend giving The Sun as a gift to their incarcerated friends.

A yoga teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, reads a selection from Sy Safransky’s Notebook [March 2007] on Hold This Thought, a daily Alaska Public Radio program featuring one-minute thoughts “designed to change the world.”

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