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Selections from the October issue
The Sun Magazine | October 2010

The Sun Interview

Farmed Out: Wes Jackson On The Need To Reinvent Agriculture
“Human cleverness has put nitrogen in our waters and released chemicals into the environment with which our tissues have no evolutionary experience. Sure, we’ve used technology to prolong life and increase our own comfort, but we’ve also created our own vulnerability.”
By Fred Bahnson

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Four Beds
Three nights alone, one with a stranger
By Rochelle Smith

The Primitive Tongue Of A Lesser Species
Crawling around the house on all fours
By Al Neipris

The Best Part
A deer’s heart, a memory of a marriage
By Elizabeth Tibbetts


The Stew
“On the morning that she began to prepare the stew, she hadn’t bothered to try to move her husband. She had just kicked him once in the leg and gotten up to cook.”
By Manuel Martinez

Telling Him
“My father didn’t even flinch. He just looked as though he had a bad taste in his mouth and then went back to reattaching the carburetor.”
By Craig Planting


Reading In Bed
By Ellen Bass

Readers Write

Slowing Down
In a marathon, at the baggage claim, on a riverboat in China
Personal stories by our readers


Sy Safransky's Notebook
“Recently I’ve been shopping for a car: maybe a new car, maybe a used car, maybe an abandoned car I can drive when I’m feeling abandoned.”

“We are traveling with tremendous speed toward a star in the Milky Way. A great repose is visible on the face of the Earth. My heart’s a little fast. Otherwise everything’s fine.”

Bertolt Brecht

Favorite from the archives
July 1981 coverThe Silent Mind: An Interview With Jehangir Chubb
Interview by Sy Safransky
[July 1981]

“You don’t set up an ideal of what you want to be and try to become it. You become aware of what you are, and in that very process you become or realize the ideal.”


Sun reader Al Greene recommends this interview. He writes: “Chubb offers a broad, clear perspective on East versus West. I love his presentation of the essentials of Buddhism and his comments on self-awareness and growth. I have copied and recopied this interview many times. It is one of a few brief works I view as my personal catechism.”

What bloggers are saying

Several readers responded to Leslee Goodman's interview, “Quiet, Please: Gordon Hempton on the Search for Silence in a Noisy World” [September 2010]. A yoga instructor searches for "alcoves of quiet" in San Francisco, California. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a “seeker of loud silence,” writing for the Morning Sun shares a quotation by Abraham Lincoln. An essay on the Yoga of Writing website includes ideas for using sound as an anchor in sitting, walking, and writing meditation.

Photographer Lisa Callamaro shares the story behind her photo of a girl running across leaf-strewn pavement, featured in the October 2010 issue. She also discusses why she doesn’t delete her digital “mistakes.”

Most-read on our site
  1. Why Schools Don’t Educate
    Essay by John Taylor Gatto
    (June 1990)
  2. Quiet, Please: Gordon Hempton On The Search For Silence In A Noisy World
    Interview by Leslee Goodman
    (September 2010)
  3. Like Wandering Ghosts: Edward Tick On How The U.S. Fails Its Returning Soldiers
    Interview by David Kupfer
    (June 2008)
  4. There’s No Such Thing As A Free Association
    Essay by Lad Tobin
    (September 2010)
  5. What Miss Lena Prays For
    Fiction by Jessica Anya Blau
    (September 1998)
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