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Selections from the November issue
The Sun Magazine | November 2010

The Sun Interview

Brewing Up Trouble: Chip Berlet On The Tea Party And The Rise Of Right-Wing Populism
“Right now there are large numbers of people who believe arguments that a high-school student with one course in logic could disprove. It’s fine to believe something on faith in religion, but it’s bad in a democracy.”
By David Barsamian

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Girl, Ruined
Remembering the baby boy she gave away
By Lee Strickland

Pink Suitcases
The day Mom ran out
By John Frank

Under The Moonflower Tree
The girl across the street
By Poe Ballantine

How I Went Punk
And why having a long white beard didn’t stop me
By Sparrow


Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad
“I’m whispering into the phone in my mother’s kitchen, volume and timidity left over from high school, thirty-two years and two husbands ago. I’ve been home three hours, and already I’m looking for a way out.”
By Linda McCullough Moore


Great Plain
By Kevin C. Powers

Readers Write

Fearing one, teaching one, being one
Personal stories by our readers


Sy Safransky's Notebook
“If I care so much about the environment, why did I fly to New York to visit old friends?”

“Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories.”

John Wilmot

Favorite from the archive
Favorite from the archivesRise Like Lions: The Role Of Artists In A Time Of War
An Interview with Howard Zinn

By David Barsamian
[July 2004]

“Power is temporary; it comes into being, and it goes out. Great monuments that look as if they will stand forever decay and fall.”


Editorial Associate Luc Saunders writes: “I think any artist interested in the social context of his or her work would do well to read this interview. Howard Zinn and David Barsamian ‘wax poetic’ on social change. Poetry, folk lyrics, and quotes from classic literature abound in this tribute to the powerful pairing of human creativity and social engagement.”

Essay from The Sun selected for Best American Essays 2010
Best American Essays 2010

Jane Churchon’s essay “The Dead Book” [February 2009] was selected for The Best American Essays 2010 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). Churchon is a registered nurse whose writing has been published in The Sun, Berkeley Fiction Review, and a number of anthologies.

Best American also listed four essays from The Sun as “Notable Essays.” The writers whose work received this distinction are:

Poe Ballantine, “The Fine Art of Quitting” [April 2009]
Patricia Brieschke, “All of Me” [March 2009]
Michelle Cacho-Negrete, “Stones” [April 2009]
Laura Esther Wolfson, “Proust at Rush Hour” [March 2009]

Our congratulations to the authors.

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    Interview by Fred Bahnson
    (October 2010)
  2. Slowing Down
    Personal stories by our readers
    (October 2010)
  3. Through A Glass Darkly: Miriam Greenspan On Moving From Grief To Gratitude
    Interview by Barbara Platek
    (January 2008)
  4. The Stew
    Fiction by Manuel Martinez
    (October 2010)
  5. The Silent Mind: An Interview With Jehangir Chubb
    Interview by Sy Safransky
    (July 1981)
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