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Selections from the December issue
The Sun Magazine | December 2010

The Sun Interview

Written On The Bones: Kim Rosen On Reclaiming The Ancient Power Of Poetry
“A good poem is like a sacred mind-altering substance: you take it into your system, and it carries you beyond ordinary ways of understanding.”
By Alison Luterman

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Oar: A Summer In Three Acts
A river guide tries to find his way
By Chris Dombrowski


What Do You Need?
“In Tibetan the word for ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ is the same because it is believed that the mind is located in the heart, not the brain, where we Westerners place it. It was a notion I quite liked but didn’t know what to do with on a daily operating basis that summer.”
By Jane Ratcliffe

The Immortal Zelensky
A neighbor’s secret history
By Boomer Pinches


Without Tending
By Christine Poreba

Readers Write

The Office
Sex in the supply closet, intrigue in the elevator, slow death in the cubicle
Personal stories by our readers


“Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire.”

Roland Barthes

Favorite from the archive
The Sun Magazine | January 2000Finding A Good Man
Essay by Jasmine Skye
[January 2000]

“Last summer, when trouble started heating up in the apartment building next door, it occurred to me that I was a potential statistic: a single woman in a groundfloor apartment on the wrong side of town. Exhausted from lying awake till all hours with my ear cocked for the faintest sounds of forced entry, I decided to do something.”


Sun Editorial Associate Erica Berkeley writes: “Jasmine Skye’s essay is a humorous and heartfelt portrayal of a woman struggling with her single status, and her attempt to find love through personal ads and at a singles dance. Her insights about relationships are astute, and her funny and honest self-deprecation is quietly charming.”

What bloggers are saying

Sy Safransky’s Notebook for October 2010 prompts a father in Orland, California, to wonder whether buying a different kind of car might have saved his teenage daughter from a collision with a drunk driver.

A book reviewer in Lexington, Kentucky, describes the strong connection she felt when she met other Sun readers.

On the eve of the 2010 election, the editor of American Jewish World News writes about the Tea Party, drawing on David Barsamian’s interview with Chip Berlet, “Brewing Up Trouble” [November 2010], to warn readers that "the coming years will be jarring."

A writer in Chicago marvels at Cheryl Strayed’s ability to look at herself so unflinchingly in our Favorite from the Archive “The Love of My Life” [September 2002].

Most read on our site
  1. Brewing Up Trouble: Chip Berlet On The Tea Party And The Rise Of Right-Wing Populism
    Interview by David Barsamian
    (November 2010)
  2. Girl, Ruined
    Essay by Lee Strickland
    (November 2010)
  3. Teenagers
    Personal stories by our readers
    (November 2010)
  4. Through A Glass Darkly: Miriam Greenspan On Moving From Grief To Gratitude
    Interview by Barbara Platek
    (January 2008)
  5. Rise Like Lions: The Role Of Artists In A Time Of War
    An Interview with Howard Zinn

    By David Barsamian
    (July 2004)
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