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Selections from the March issue
The Sun Magazine | March 2011

The Sun Interview

A Joyful Noise: Krishna Das On Chanting The Names Of God
“As they say in India, you can’t rip the skin off a snake, or you’ll kill him, but at the right time the snake sheds his skin. Our patterns, our stories, who we experience ourselves to be — that’s our skin.”
By Alexis Adams

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Six Lost Books
The computer ate my masterpiece
By Sparrow

The Great Bewilderment: Reading Captin JJC The Feirce
A father’s reading of his child’s work
By Gregory Martin


The Way She Walks
“I am not so brave a girl. Blanche might say it is not bravery that is required but rather openness, a glasnost of the soul. A blossoming. Blanche and her poeticisms! I am never open, but there was a time, three years ago, when I did get lucky.”
By Reese Okyong Kwon

World Enough And Time
“I’m in the market for a new set of parents for my daughter. I have been given six months to come up with my replacement. Half a year.
     Yes, we’re certain.
     Very sorry.
     No, no hope.
     At all.

By Linda McCullough Moore


A Prayer
By Steve Kowit

Readers Write

In a women’s prison, at a mother’s deathbed, beside a broken-down bus
Personal stories by our readers


Sy Safransky’s Notebook
“Yesterday, when I held my three-day-old granddaughter in my arms, time’s gauzy curtain parted for a moment. . .”

“Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back, and, instead of bleeding, he sings.”

Robert Benchley

Favorite from the archive
The Sun Magazine | September 1979Californicated, Santa Crucified
Essay by Rob Brezsny
[September 1979]

“Sammy Davis, Jr. says: ‘All men are created bland.’ And I would add: ‘But they can, and usually do, get even blander.’ Case in point (never thought I’d see the day): Me. At the end of my second year in California, I watch with fascinated horror as I become nicer and nicer, more polite, more congenial, more well-adjusted.


This essay appears in the anthology A Bell Ringing In The Empty Sky: The Best of The Sun, Volume II

What bloggers are saying

In Pagosa Springs, Colorado, a hypnotherapist explores the links between her practice and the power of the mind, as described in the January 2011 interview “Vital Signs: Dr. Andrew Weil Diagnoses Western Medicine,” by David Kupfer.

After reading “Written on the Bones: Kim Rosen on Reclaiming the Ancient Power of Poetry,” [interview by Alison Luterman, December 2010], a middle-school teacher in Topanga, California, asks her students to recite poems from memory and finds "a perfect window into their hearts and minds.”

A Canadian reader appreciates “Going Underground: Paul Stamets on the Vast, Intelligent Network Beneath Our Feet,” an interview by Derrick Jensen [February 2008], because it broadens her recent thoughts on invisible networks and collective intelligence.

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  1. Throwing Away The Key: Michelle Alexander On How Prisons Have Become The New Jim Crow
    Interview by Arnie Cooper
    (February 2011)
  2. Making It Last
    Personal stories by our readers
    (February 2011)
  3. A Brother’s Keeper
    Essay by Akhim Yuseff Cabey
    (February 2011)
  4. Through A Glass Darkly: Miriam Greenspan On Moving From Grief To Gratitude
    Interview by Barbara Platek
    (January 2008)
  5. How Aging Reveals Character: A Conversation With James Hillman
    Interview by Genie Zeiger
    (August 2000)
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