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Selections from the May issue
The Sun Magazine | May 2011

The Sun Interview

The Greater Good: Peter Singer On How To Live An Ethical Life
“I do not believe in karma, but I do believe it is often in our own interest to act altruistically. . . . Generosity makes life more meaningful and satisfying.”
By Gillian Kendall

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Finding harmony amid the chaos
By Barbara Hurd

My Sister Teaches Me The ABC’s
Growing up in the shadow of schizophrenia
By Anne Templeton


Dog Days
Man’s best friend in southern Africa
By Alan Barstow


Newborn, Brovetto Farm
By John Brehm

Readers Write

The perils of high heels, the pain of bound feet, the legacy of a father’s boots
Personal stories by our readers


Sy Safransky’s Notebook
“I’m back home from leading another writing retreat. I’m back in the back rooms of language, where deals are made and the real business of writing is conducted.”

“I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am.”

Joseph Baretti

Favorite from the archive
Favorite from the archives | March 1992The Ward
Essay by Bruce Mitchell
[March 1992]

“Each day began with the entrance of the nurse, Madame Charoing, at exactly six, turning on the lights with a quiet, but determined,‘Bonjour, messieurs,’ which meant, ‘All right, gentlemen, it is time to get those bowels moving. Those of you who are immobile have ten minutes before I return to collect the bedpans and urinals. If they are not full, they will not be collected until the next shift, which means they will sit, stinking up the ward, until four.’ None of us wanted to compromise the hygiene of the ward, so there was immediate action.”


This essay appears in the anthology Stubborn Light: The Best Of The Sun, Volume III

What bloggers are saying

A freelance writer better understands the virulence of climate-change deniers after reading “Brewing Up Trouble: Chip Berlet On The Tea Party And The Rise Of Right-Wing Populism” by David Barsamian [November 2010].

Thanks to an art-curator friend, a blogger in New York discovers “Cherish This Ecstasy,” a “gorgeous and ineffably kind” essay by David James Duncan [July 2008] in the 2009 collection of Best American Essays.

A former postal worker in Idaho reads correspondence about “The Immortal Zelensky,” a short story by Boomer Pinches [December 2010], and appreciates how “two devoted, well-educated, and articulate readers take away completely opposite opinions regarding the same collection of words on a page.”

Most read on our site
  1. Fighting With Another Purpose: Veteran Paul Chappell On The Need To End War
    Interview by Leslee Goodman
    (April 2011)
  2. The Plants Respond: An Interview With Cleve Backster
    By Derrick Jensen
    (July 1997)
  3. Two Wrongs
    Essay by Sybil Smith
    (April 2011)
  4. Leave The Light On: John Records On His Work With Homeless People
    Interview by Marc Polonsky
    (September 2008)
  5. Throwing Away The Key: Michelle Alexander On How Prisons Have Become The New Jim Crow
    Interview by Arnie Cooper
    (February 2011)
A weekend with The Sun in California
A weekend with The Sun in CaliforniaInto The Fire: The Sun Celebrates Personal Writing
   Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California
    October 21–23

We invite you to join Sun authors Chris Bursk, Frances Lefkowitz, Alison Luterman, Cary Tennis, and Theresa Williams, along with editor and publisher Sy Safransky, for a lively weekend of conversation, reflection, and inspiration. The gathering will be held at Esalen, a retreat center situated on twenty-seven acres of spectacular Big Sur coastline.

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