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Selections from the October issue
The Sun Magazine | October 2011

The Sun Interview

Pirate With A Cause: Paul Watson’s Crusade
To Protect Marine Wildlife

“As his head rose up out of the water, I looked into his eye, which was the size of my fist, and what I saw there changed my life: I saw understanding. I think the whale understood what we were trying to do.”
By Gillian Kendall

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Awkward Walks With Unavailable Men
Addicted to love?
By Rachel Yoder

Treading water as a swim-team scrub
By David Zoby

Agonizing Grace
An addict hits bottom in the psychiatric ward
By Alan Craig


View From The Overlook
“The van was dented and scratched, rusty around the wheels. Newspapers had been stuck against the windshield from the inside. There were no footprints in the snow around it. Gil sank his hands into his pockets and walked to the edge of the overlook. Nora followed close behind him. There was a narrow gap between the newspapers. Maybe someone was in there watching them.”
By Ann Joslin Williams


As A Boy
By Eric Anderson

Readers Write

Cheap Thrills
Feeding pigeons, savoring secondhand smoke, wasting time
Personal stories by our readers


“Find your place on the planet, dig in, and take responsibility from there.”

Gary Snyder

Favorite from the Archive
Favorite from the archives | March 1986

Each month we post a new selection from The Sun’s archives, which date back to 1974. Some of the works are staff favorites or suggestions from readers. Others are chosen from our three Best Of The Sun anthologies.

What’s your favorite piece from The Sun and why? Tell us, and we may post your suggestion on our website.

Fiction by D. Patrick Miller
[March 1986]

“It was nine months since Andy’s death, but her so-called girlfriends — most of them divorced, she thought meanly — already wanted her to go out with them. ‘At least you can try to have a good time,’ her mother had cajoled yesterday, taking her friends’ part. Tully turned the volume up on the television, but not quite to where she could make out the dialogue. Only Andrea seemed to understand — she would walk into the apartment, undisturbed by the lingering presence of Andy’s possessions, and speak in the tone of an answer before any question was asked. ‘It’s ok,’ she always said. ‘It’s ok for now.’ ”


This story appears in the anthology Stubborn Light: The Best Of The Sun, Volume III

What bloggers are saying

A Pennsylvania poet examines the relationship between clinging and greed in her life after reading an excerpt from “Nothing To Lose But Our Illusions: An Interview With David Edwards,” by Derrick Jensen [June 2000].

A musician is reading an excerpt from “In My Own Way,” by Alan Watts [The Dog-Eared Page, June 2011], when the power goes out. He writes a song by candlelight and posts it online as part of 365 Project, a daily video-blogging exercise.

A freelance editor in Maryland first interviewed Sy Safransky in 1998. She got in touch again in May 2011 for some follow-up questions.

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    Poetry by Tony Hoagland
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    Interview by Arnie Cooper
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    Essay by Cheryl Strayed
    (September 2002)
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