Cover: Stubborn Light

Stubborn Light

The Best Of The Sun, Volume III

The best works from The Sun’s second decade, featuring interviews with spiritual teacher Ram Dass, maverick psychologist James Hillman, potter and poet M.C. Richards, and others.


Sy Safransky

Fiction by Gillian Kendall

On Seeing A Sex Surrogate
Mark O’Brien

A Priest Calls On Sunday Night

Poetry by Edwin Romond

The Heart Of Compassion: An Interview With Ram Dass
Sy Safransky

Christmas In Seattle
Fred Hill


Fiction by Ivor S. Irwin

Even Hitler
Poetry by David C. Childers

Judaism’s Mystical Heart: An Interview With Dovid Din
Howard Jay Rubin

A Clouded Visit With Rolling Thunder

Pat LittleDog

The White Man’s Vision-Quest Journal

Fiction by Gloria Dyc

The End Of A Sixties Dream? An Interview With Stephen Gaskin
Michael Thurman

When Thieves Break In
Stephen T. Butterfield

Poetry by Chris Bursk

Aliens In The Garden
Fiction by James Carlos Blake

Eating Head
Lorenzo W. Milam

All The Panamas In The World And Herb’s
Fiction by T.L. Toma

Blood For Oil

Poetry by Chris Bursk

A Soccer Hooligan In America
Fiction by Carl-Michal Krawczyk

Why Schools Don’t Educate
John Taylor Gatto

Giving Away Gardens

Dan Barker

Scavenger’s Run
David Grant

Amazing Conversations

John Rosenthal

Born Too Young: Diary Of A Pilgrimage

The Myth Of Therapy: An Interview With James Hillman
Sy Safransky

Miracle At Canyon De Chelly
Deena Metzger

Somewhere Along The Line
Poetry by Antler

Dan Howell

Poetry by Richard Hoffman

Of Lineage And Love
Stephen T. Butterfield

Flesh Of My Flesh
Poetry by Ona Siporin

Heart Too Big
Fiction by John C. Richards

Poetry by Lou Lipsitz

Last Year’s Poverty Was Not Enough
Fiction by Ashley Walker

My Mother Is Still Alive
Poetry by Kathleen Lake

Uniting the Opposites: An Interview With M.C. Richards
Sy Safransky

Night Of Dying
Maureen Stanton

This Life, This Word Unsaid
Poetry by John Hodgen

What’s Eating Me: A Memoir

David Guy

Finding Out About Your Heart
Fiction by Candace Perry

Letter To Maxim
Alison Luterman

She Said, Can’t We Just Be Friends?
Poetry by R.T. Smith

What It’s Like

Fiction by Dana Branscum

Trying To Quit
Eleanor Glaze

On Being Unable To Breathe
Stephen T. Butterfield

The Cure
Poetry by Kathleen Lake

The Unhealed Life

Yael Bethiem

Poetry by Veronica Patterson

Why I Like Dead People

Sallie Tisdale

The Evidence Of Miracles
Poetry by Jaimes Alsop

Instrument Of The Immortals
Jake Gaskins

The Prayer Of The Body: An Interview With Stephen R. Schwartz
Sy Safransky

The Body Knew

Poetry by Tim Seibles

Fiction by D. Patrick Miller

The Ward

Bruce Mitchell

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