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The Sun Magazine

A Bell Ringing In The Empty Sky

The Best Of The Sun Volume I

This volume from The Sun’s first decade is a glimpse into the magazine’s early years. “Subtle, sometimes mystical,” the Los Angeles Times says, “this anthology never disappoints, alternating whimsical essays with soulful contemplations.”

Sy Safransky

Sy’s Spac
Lorenzo W. Milam

News From El Corazón: In The Composing Room
Pat Ellis Taylor

Sharing History, With Rufus
John Rosenthal

Sy Safransky

Autobiography #40
Carl Mitcham


Quiet Life In A Loud World
Robert Horvitz

Family Stories
Ramona Alvarodiaz

Sy Safransky

Angel At The Gate
David Guy

Opened Flesh, Naked Spirit
Elizabeth Rose Campbell

Sara Elizabeth
Sy Safransky

Being A Parent
John Rosenthal, Patience Blandford, Dee Dee Small-Hooker

Insisting On Love
John Rosenthal

First Sexual Experiences

The Pornographer
David C. Childers

Richard Williams

Wine: A Lesson In Self-Discovery
Frank Graziano

Maps To Where You Live
Joel Jackson

Possessiveness And Jealousy
Brian Knave

At Work
Joe Blankenship

The Choice Of Emptiness
Jim Ralston

Three Photographs
John Rosenthal

Paul Kommel

David Koteen

Nothing Scares Me
Dusty Miller

Facing The Struggle
Peg Staley

Asking After My Own Light
Roger Sauls

On The Mind And Cancer
Stephanie Matthews-Simonton

The Dolphin Messenger
Michael Shorb

Patricia Sun
Elizabeth Rose Campbell

Alan Brilliant

Carol Hoppe

There Is No School On The Second Floor
Ron Jones

Looking Back: Tuli Kupferberg On The Not-So-Bygone Sixties
Howard Jay Rubin

Kicking The Corpse — Or Is This Love?
Sy Safransky

How To Really Change Society
Sparrow, Bruce Terrell, Gerard Saucier

Peace Nigger’s Long March
David Grant

Michael Shorb

Going Against The Dragon: An Interview With Robert Bly
Sy Safransky

Facing Fear
Dee Dee Small-Hooker

Lord Shantih
Thomas Wiloch

Kali Comes Homes
Elizabeth Rose Campbell

Amazing Coincidences
Patricia Bralley

Spiritual Fascism In America
Moira Crone

Lou, Turn Up Your Hearing Aid
Karl Grossman

On Interviewing Swami Muktananda
Sy Safransky

Psychology Today
Judson Jerome

The Lazy Man
Thaddeus Golas

How Things Came Into Existence
Franklin Mills

Living Within The Question: An Interview With Reshad Feild
Howard Jay Rubin

Tales Of Trickster
David Citino

An Evening With Ram Dass

Zen And The Art Of Peanut Butter
W.G. McDonald


When I started The Sun in 1974 — peddling the first crudely, printed issues on the street for twenty-five cents each, the “office” fitting neatly into my knapsack — I had no more idea where it was going than I do now. Which is to say, I’ve been as consistently surprised as any of its readers by the magazine’s unpredictable turns, its unusual marriage of the sacred and the profane, its many changing faces — mystical and harsh and honest and funny — and its extraordinary evolution from a local oddity to a national “magazine of ideas.”

Each monthly issue is an amazement to me, shaped by invisible currents I know better than to try to name; the people who write for the magazine and the people who read it startle me with their passion and intelligence, their faith in the power of love, their acknowledgement of the great mystery and the great truth in each of us, which words can only hint at, but oh such lovely hints . . .

This is a book of the best of those hints, in essays and interviews and poems and stories and photographs and drawings, published during the first ten years of The Sun. Some of the authors or people interviewed are well-known, others are unknown. That, too, has been typical of The Sun — to mix, without reference to anyone else’s formula, such diverse voices as somehow feel right together, like a cook, without regard to recipe, reaching for a little of this, a little of that.

Bent over the simmering stew, I’m the head cook and chief bottle washer. I love it back here in the steamy kitchen, all these strange fragrances in the air, friends dropping in, sun streaming through.

As before any meal, a few words of thanks: to Lorenzo Milam of Mho & Mho Works, for his generous support and razor judgments; to Doug Cruickshank, Lorenzo’s partner in Mho & Mho, for the book’s handsome design; to John Cotterman at Lunar Graphics here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who typeset the articles; to Carol Logie and Jan Bellard and Lisa Holm of The Sun staff who, along with me, proofread the book, though I suspect a few errors slipped by us; and certainly to all the people whose work appears here; and also to those whose work doesn’t, but whose contributions are just as deserving of praise.

Sy Safransky