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Gabor Maté

Gabor Maté earned his medical degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He started a private family practice in East Vancouver that lasted for twenty-seven years. He also served as medical coordinator of the palliative-care unit at Vancouver General Hospital for seven years. In the late 1990s he took a job working with HIV-positive drug addicts at several innovative urban rehab programs. Maté is the author of  Scattered, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection, and, with Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers. For many years Maté wrote a weekly medical column for The Globe and Mail, Canada’s most widely read newspaper. Recently he gave up practicing medicine to focus on his appearances at seminars and conferences, where he discusses disease, addiction, and human development within a social context.

— From August 2012
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