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Gail Grenier Sweet

Gail Grenier Sweet lives with her family on ten acres in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Her most recent book is Calling All Horses (The Little Syndicate). She follows the “seamless garment” life ethic — no violence to earth or humans — and is the founder of HOPE Network for Single Mothers, an alternative to abortion.

— From January 2001
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Next To Godliness

The Story Behind Dr. Bronner’s Soap — An Interview With Ralph Bronner

A few times a month, I’m asked whether we’re a New Age religion or a cult. Well, we’re not, or if we are, we have no members. Our family is running a soap business based on Dad’s teachings. All he did is what any religious person does: he read the great works — the Torah, the Bible, Thomas Paine — and picked what he liked. His theology was a sort of cosmic soup.

January 2001
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