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Randa Jarrar

Randa Jarrar’s sister is a composer, her mother is a pianist, and her son is a musician. Jarrar, meanwhile, considers it an accomplishment that she sang “Material Girl” and “Push It” at karaoke and was not asked to leave the stage. Her second book, Him, Me, Muhammad Ali, will be out in October. She is a professor at Fresno State’s MFA program and lives in Fresno, California.

— From March 2016
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


My father. He wanted me to become a writer, but when I did, he didn’t like what I wrote.

He hated my first novel and called it pornography: it features lots of teenage sex and masturbation, as well as an unsavory portrayal of a narcissistic and selfish patriarch.

March 2016
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