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Travis Charbeneau

Travis Charbenau lives in Richmond, Virginia. His work has appeared in World Monitor, the Atlanta Constitution, In These Times, and Utne Reader.

— From January 1993
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Saturday Matinee

I don’t recall what film was showing that day. I like to remember it as a John Wayne epic, fairly spurting with cinematic testosterone. My platoon was too busy pelting uniformed enemy personnel and innocent bystanders alike with a merciless fusillade of navy beans. The cavernous Birmingham held more than a thousand kids, so there was plenty of chaos to camouflage our bean-shooter blitzkrieg. There’s nothing like the havoc wreaked by smooth-bore bean shooters in the free-fire zone of a dark, crowded, noisy theater.

January 1993
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Seduction Of Consciousness

We don’t have a “drug” problem. We have never had a “drug” problem. We will not have a “virtual reality” problem. Past, present, and future, we have a consciousness problem — today compounded by the fact that it happens to be occurring in a Neanderthal political landscape.

November 1991
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