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North Shore Writer's Group

Terry Ratner

Calling all serious nonfiction writers in Chicago and the North Shore area. Meetings will be held once a month to critique our writings and have serious discussion on articles, books, and other literary topics. If you’re working on a book or essay, this is the group for you.

South Side Sun

Geri K Biamonte

We have meetings on the last weekend of the month. Please inquire!

Sun Magazine Oak Park

Laurie Casey

Join us for rich discussion, interesting detours, and to get to know others who appreciate The Sun. We meet on the third Sunday of each month (adjusting occasionally) 11 am–1 pm.

Sun Writers Group

Juliann Calvey

I would like to start a Group for writers where we can meet in my home in Hinsdale. My idea is that we will be given assignments to write at home and use group time for critiquing.

The Sun in Chambana

Betsy Chominski

Looking to meet and connect with other readers of The Sun in Urbana and Champaign. Let’s get a monthly discussion group started to discuss each issue and make new friends.

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No Group In Your Area?

Organize your own discussion and writing group.

Start A Group

The Sun is not affiliated with any group, nor do we provide guidance or oversight. This service exists for the convenience of Sun readers who'd like to meet with others in their communities to discuss the magazine. All contact with group leaders should be Sun-related. No soliciting. Thanks for your cooperation.

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