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Ashland, OR Group

Gail Gallaher

Rogue Valley Sun readers gather once a month to discuss the current issue.


Sandra J. Blaine

I have seen Readers Write submissions from Corvallis, and at least one person in my neighborhood is a reader. I would love to get together monthly with other Sun readers.

Eugene, OR Group

Nadine Powell

Looking to start a group in the Eugene area to discuss articles in The Sun.

Eugene, OR Group

Marjorie Beck

I have just started subscribing to The Sun and am very impressed with it. I would be interested in knowing about other readers in the Eugene area, with the possibility of a discussion group.

Portland, OR Group

Joy Marie Ruplinger

Are there other Sun readers in the Portland area who would like to gather and discuss articles in this extraordinary magazine?

Sun Reader's Discussion Group

Jill Nishball

Hosted a pretty successful group in Corvallis, then moved it to Salem and met some of my best friends via great discussion! Now in Bend and have a hankerin' for getting the conversation back up and rollin'. Would love to meet new Sun readers in central Oregon and together, discover what philosophies and solutions we can share with the world! E-mail me and we'll get it going.

To Be Determined

Jim Robinson

Any interest in a Portland, Oregon Sun discussion group?

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The Sun is not affiliated with any group, nor do we provide guidance or oversight. This service exists for the convenience of Sun readers who'd like to meet with others in their communities to discuss the magazine. All contact with group leaders should be Sun-related. No soliciting. Thanks for your cooperation.

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