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Fans of The Sun in Olympia

Saundra Raynor

I would like to hear from other emerging writers who would like to form a group to exchange opinions on each others’ writings and get together occasionally (or regularly) for encouragement and support.

Lakebay SUN-Lovers


Shall we gather for some SUN worship ? I would be delighted to make acquaintance, hang out, and swap stories with other lovers of The Sun in or near Lakebay, WA. Especially during these trying times, I love the idea of connecting with gentle souls who might be willing to share their ideas and dreams.

North Enders

Aimee Graham

The Sun keeps my literary teeth sharp. I appreciate the various perspectives and thoughtful writing. I am interested in gathering like-minded folks together to write, read, and wiggle!

Orcas Island, WA Group

Dave Page

I've been reading The Sun for so long I can’t remember. I’ve always wished there were others with whom I could discuss the magazine. If there’s anyone else on Orcas Island who would like to do the same, please contact me.

Port Orchard, WA Group

Martha Hammann

I am looking for Sun readers in the Port Orchard area who might like to gather to read, write, discuss.

Seattle "The Sun" Discussion

Yuliya Kuznetsova

Hello! I have noticed there is a lack of a meet-up group to discuss The Sun here in Seattle. If anyone is interested in meet up monthly to engage in a discourse about The Sun, please feel free to contact me. I would absolutely love to do this.

Wenatchee, WA Group

Lorna Hansen

Hello to all Sun magazine readers! I am interested in forming a local group in the North Central Washington state area to discuss the magazine and possibly write together.

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The Sun is not affiliated with any group, nor do we provide guidance or oversight. This service exists for the convenience of Sun readers who'd like to meet with others in their communities to discuss the magazine. All contact with group leaders should be Sun-related. No soliciting. Thanks for your cooperation.

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