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Peak Experience

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Last year you printed an article written by Colin Wilson about “peak experiences.” [Issue 108.] I read it and liked it. I copied it and sent it to friends. I went looking for Colin Wilson.

The Philosopher’s Stone brought me the most pleasure and excitement of Wilson’s novels, although The Mind Parasites and Space Vampires (filmed as “Life Force”) are on my reading list.

The Occult, which I am currently reading, is outstanding. Wilson says so simply what part purposeful activity plays in achieving and maintaining an enhanced state of consciousness. When I am reading his works it’s true.

His first book, written at 24 and published in 1956, is The Outsider. I just found a copy in a used bookstore. Having only leafed through it, I can say that I have found an author who speaks to me and makes me aware I am glad to be alive. Thanks to THE SUN.

Ray Harold Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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