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March 1986


David Grant is a writer who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. His work has appeared in THE SUN before: “Peace Nigger’s Long March” [Issue 46], an account of a two-week journey he made in silence, on foot, carrying a petition for disarmament, and “South China Journal” [Issue 122].


D. Patrick Miller, now approaching his tenth anniversary in California, is a native North Carolinian who never got into college basketball the way he was supposed to. He will soon resume publication of his Presumptions: A Letter at Large. A free introductory issue is available by writing to him at 1442A Walnut #58, Berkeley, California 94709.


Sy Safransky is editor of THE SUN.


Brian Salchert is a writer who lives in Gainesville, Florida. For several years he used the pen name Alden St. Cloud. He says that “since Salchert (Sallkurt is how we pronounce it) isn’t a particularly easy name for others to deal with, my wife still wishes I had chosen, say, Brian Bass rather than Alden St. Cloud, and stuck with it.”


Sallie Tisdale lives in Portland, Oregon. Her new book, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Inside the Modern Hospital, has just been published by McGraw-Hill.


On The Cover

Hella Hammid, who lives in a tree house in Los Angeles, California, has been taking photographs since her teens. She says she still hasn’t decided what to be when she grows up.


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