Issue 163 | Contributors | The Sun Magazine


June 1989


Mary Ann Cain writes and teaches in Albany, New York. Her work has appeared in The Nebraska Review, Ice River, and The Albany Review.


Ellen Carter is co-editor of the 11th Street Ruse and lives in New York City with three cats and a Sparrow.


Catherine Madsen is a writer and folksinger recently transplanted from East Lansing, Michigan, to Barrington, New Hampshire.


D. Patrick Miller, in lieu of painting his 1967 Volvo, is considering whether to complement his “Boycott GE” bumper sticker with one that says, “Thank You For Not Laughing At My Car.”


Josip Novakovich has had work in Ploughshares, Paris Review, and Anteus. Right now, he’s working on a ranch in Winnetoon, Nebraska.


Deborah Shouse says that most of her neighbors have basketball goals; she wishes her goals were as sturdy and straightforward. Her stories have appeared in Scholastic Scope, Singlelife, Changes, and Cottonwood.


On The Cover

Jill Fineberg is a photographer who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Sy Safransky

Office Manager
Carolynn Schwartz

Assistant Editor
Dana Branscum

Copy Editors
Jan Bellard
Wendy Bernhardt

Neily Conrad

Editorial Assistant
R. Haven Bourque

John Cotterman

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