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June 1995


Janine Claire Blaeloch works as an environmental planner in Seattle, Washington. She is currently researching a book about the relationship between women and bears as expressed in myth, art, literature, dreams, and wild encounters.


Diana Maria Castro lives in Cotati, California, where she and the characters in her novel-in-progress, Blue Willow China, are busy posing for the storyteller’s canvas. Her work has appeared in Women’s Voices, The Healing Woman, and Abiko Literary Rag.


Christiel Cottrell lives in Bellevue, Washington, where she makes stained-glass windows to learn about light, and writes poems for the same reason. She’s currently at work on a novel titled Blackberries.


David Denny lives in Cupertino, California, and teaches American literature and creative writing at De Anza College. The cat in his poem is a neutered male named Jake Barnes (apologies to Hemingway).


Jake Gaskins has contributed two previous essays to The Sun: “Instrument of the Immortals” (187) and “Notes from the Closet” (197). He lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


Alison Luterman is a poet and writer living in Oakland, California. The highlight of her Passover was leading a Seder for HIV-positive women at the AIDS center where she volunteers as a massage therapist.


Kevin O’Kelly is a freelance writer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Mark Pendergrast is an investigative journalist and author of For God, Country, and Coca-Cola (Scribner’s). He lives in New England.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


On The Cover

David Andrews is a photographer living in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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