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April 1996


Ally Acker is a documentary film producer and director and the author of a collection of poems titled Surviving Desire (Garden Street Press). She lives in Vienna, Virginia.


Chris Bursk is a poet, prison counselor, and community-college teacher. He lives in Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania.


Stephen Mo Hanan is an actor, writer, and “flower adult” who lives in New York City. His essays have appeared in Tikkun, the Washington Post, and New Age Journal.


Naomi Jeffery Petersen lives in Lakewood, Washington, in her thirty-seventh and last house, with her first and last husband, and an evolving number of children. When she’s not writing lesson plans and hall passes, she writes fiction.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


Heather Sellers is a Florida native who, since her move to Holland, Michigan, is planning to learn to snow-ski. She is an assistant professor of creative writing at Hope College, has an unpublished collection of short stories titled Never Told Me, and is completing her first novel.


J. R. Solonche lives in New York State, with his wife and six cats. His poems have appeared in the American Scholar, Poetry Northwest, and the Literary Review.


Jeff Tietz is a freelance writer living in San Francisco.


Lynn Lyman Trombetta lives in the hills of northern California. Her work has appeared in Calyx, Chiron Review, Green Fuse, and a Great Elm Press anthology. She is currently at work on her first collection of poems.


On The Cover

Gina Meyer is a photographer living in Tomales, California.


Sy Safransky

Business Manager
Susan Tremblay

Assistant Editor
Andrew W. Snee

Production Manager
Bob Rehak

Copy Editor
Seth Mirsky

Colleen Donfield
Ann Humphreys
Scott Stevens

Office Assistant
Wendy Mitchell

Editorial Apprentice
Whitney Martin

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