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March 1999


Dan Barker is executive director of the Home Gardening Project Foundation. He lives in Jacksonville, Oregon, and has a new English mastiff named Bart, “who, like me, is more mouth than brains.”


Chris Bursk lives in Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania. His poems in this issue are part of a series on being fifteen.


Esther Cohen lives in New York City and has written one novel, No Charge for Looking (Schocken Books). Her story in this issue is from an unpublished collection titled Love Details.


Thomas C. Frank is editor of the Chicago literary magazine the Baffler. He is also the author of The Conquest of Cool (University of Chicago Press).


Derrick Jensen is in search of a publisher for his most recent book, A Language Older Than Words. He lives in Crescent City, California.


Annette Opalczynski is a poet and typist living in New Castle, Delaware. Her poem in this issue is her first published work.


Sybil Smith recently sold a somewhat blasphemous story to U.S. Catholic. She lives in Norwich, Vermont.


Michael Ventura’s column appears biweekly in the Austin Chronicle. He lives in Los Angeles.


Jennifer Wortham has cowritten a play and is working on her first novel. She lives in New York City, where she earns her living as a social worker.


On The Cover

Ethan Hubbard’s photographs in this issue appear in his books The Face of a Man and The Face of a Woman (both Pilgrim Press).


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