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December 2000


Robert P. Cooke worked for years as a welder at a refinery. He says that writing poetry is sometimes like “striking a welding arc across the face of a pipe — bright, brilliant, and intense.” He lives in Highland, Indiana.


David James Duncan is the author of the novels The Brothers K and The River Why (both Bantam). His essay in this issue will be included in his upcoming collection, My Story As Told by Water (Sierra Club). He lives in Lolo, Montana.


Robert Finegan’s short stories have appeared in Antietam Review, the Greensboro Review, and the Other Side. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Patry Francis is a poet living in Centerville, Massachusetts.


Derrick Jensen’s most recent book is A Language Older Than Words (Context Books). He lives in Crescent City, California.


Jack Kornfield’s goal is to integrate and bring alive the great Eastern spiritual teachings in a way that is accessible to Westerners. He lives in Woodacre, California, and is the author of A Path with Heart and Buddha’s Little Instruction Book (both Bantam).


Stephen Levy is a poet living in New York City. He worked as a cub reporter for the Queens College Phoenix when Sy Safransky was its editor.


After many years in New York City, Anna Monardo now lives in Omaha, Nebraska, where she teaches at the University of Nebraska Writer’s Workshop. Her first novel, The Courtyard of Dreams (Doubleday), was republished this year by, and she is currently at work on a second.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


Sybil Smith’s work has appeared in the Larcom Review and U.S. Catholic. She is a writer and nurse living in Norwich, Vermont. Her story in this issue is based on real events.


On The Cover

John Rosenthal is a photographer who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Safe Harbor Books recently published a collection of his photographs, Regarding Manhattan.


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