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April 2001


Derrick Jensen lives in Crescent City, California, and teaches writing at Pelican Bay State Prison. He is the author of Listening to the Land (Sierra Club Books) and A Language Older Than Words (Context Books).


Pat MacEnulty recently received a grant from the Barbara Deming Money for Women Fund to complete her novel Friend of the Devil. Her story in this issue is a chapter from the book. A former drug addict and inmate, she has designed and facilitated arts programs for incarcerated women and men.


Gail Martin lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with her husband and three left-handed daughters. Her recent work appears in Poetry Northwest, Sonora Review, and New Poems from the Third Coast: An Anthology of Contemporary Michigan Poets (Wayne State University Press). Her first book of poetry is due out next year from New Issues Press.


Lee Rossi is a poet living in Los Angeles. After the failure of his screen-saver-of-the month business (the experts said the market wasn’t ready), he is working on a virtual keyboard, featuring “no-touch typing.”


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


William R. Stimson is a writer living in New York City.


Susan Terris is a poet living in San Francisco. In her spare moments, she likes to tap-dance, go white-water canoeing, and spend time with her twelve grandchildren.


Karen Tweedy-Holmes is a freelance photographer based in New York City.


Genie Zeiger lives in Shelburne, Massachusetts. She recently learned that the German publishing house Kindler Verlag, publisher of Salman Rushdie, has bought the rights to her memoir How I Find Her: A Mother’s Dying and a Daughter’s Life (Sherman Asher). She’s trying to figure out how such things happen.


On The Cover

Linda Sole is a freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist. She lives in London and travels extensively around the world.


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