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May 2001


Robert P. Cooke is a poet and former welder living in Highland, Indiana.


Lois A. Judson lives at the North Pole and spends her time trying to find two snowflakes that are exactly the same.


Renee Lertzman’s interviews have appeared in Terra Nova, Speak, and The Sun. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


John Milisenda lives in Brooklyn, New York. He learned the art of photography as a technician at the Pratt Institute, where photojournalist Arthur Freed was his mentor, and he has been a commercial photographer since 1976. His work has appeared in such publications as the New York Times Magazine, Blind Spot, and Popular Photography, among others.


Jaime O’Neill has been a writing teacher, small-town newspaper editor, and self-syndicated humor columnist. His work has appeared in the Threepenny Review, the Crab Creek Review, Kaleidoscope, and the New York Times Magazine.


At the age of fifty-three, poet Lee Rossi is a first-time father. Some nights, he’ll tiptoe into the nursery to make sure his son is still breathing. It often takes all his courage to go back to his own bed and try to sleep.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


Brian Swimme is a mathematical cosmologist on the graduate faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.


Jeff Walt lives in Acton, Massachusetts. His first collection of poetry, The Danger in Everything, was recently published by Mad River Books of Vermont.


Mark Wisniewski’s collection of short stories, All Weekend with the Lights On, was recently published by Leaping Dog Press. He lives in Lake Peekskill, New York, where he spends his free time studying the lake’s surface with his ten-year-old cat Penostrhope.


On The Cover

Ethan Hubbard is the author of several books of photographs, including The Face of a Woman (Pilgrim Press). He lives in Chelsea, Vermont.


Sy Safransky

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Becky Gee

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Ilona Page

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Andrew Snee

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Julie Burke

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Seth Mirsky

Manuscript Editor
Colleen Donfield

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Rachel J. Elliott

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Angela Winter

Erica Berkeley

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Gillian Kendall

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