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October 1978


Jerry Chadwick is a student at Lake Forest College in Illinois.

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Rameshwar Das is a poet and photographer who lives in Amagansett, New York. His photographs of Ram Dass have appeared in national publications.

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David M. Guy is hard at work revising his second novel. He lives in Durham.

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Bill Herron says, “I am 35 years old and live in Asheville, N.C. I work at the YWCA in an after-school program and type at my first novel each day for as long as I can stand it. My first book of poetry (American Peasant) was published in Chapel Hill by Carolina Wren Press. I believe that America’s materialism is eating away at the capacity for vision among our people.”

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Art Hill lives in Birmingham, Michigan. His new book Booze, Books and the Big Deuce is available from South Shore, Box 95, Au Train, Michigan 49806.

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On The Cover

Sy Safransky is 33 years old. A former newspaper reporter from New York City, he has lived in Chapel Hill since 1972, during which time he has run a juice bar, mowed lawns, and worked as a ditch digger, bookkeeper, pipefitter, waiter and, most recently, as an editor and publisher.

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