Russell McDougal’s Mirror of Mind (Open Window Books, Box 949, Chickasha, Oklahoma 73018, $8.95 plus 50¢ postage) is a beautiful anthology of photographs and voices — Rilke, Gibran, Trungpa, Hesse, Castaneda, and many more. In his introduction, McDougal says, “Take a look inside yourself and see that there really is no self, unless you create this idea conceptually. Mind is infinite, boundless, and without form. Concepts are form. You can never figure out Mind through concepts because this is trying to limit the limitless. . . . Beyond concepts and judging lies the infinite freedom and the boundless space of Mind, the All Mind, the One Mind. And when you realize what this means, you are free to be Free.” Thanks to Russell for permission to reprint these photographs.

The photographs from this selection are available as a PDF only.