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October 2021


Chelsea Baumgarten lives in Michigan, near Lake St. Clair. She holds an MFA in fiction from Brooklyn College and is working on a story collection and a novel.


Michelle Herman will retire from teaching next summer, after thirty-four years at Ohio State University. She plans to split her time between writing and dance. Her newest novel, Close-Up, is forthcoming in March 2022.


Brett Elizabeth Jenkins lives and writes somewhere in the Midwest; she moves so often it’s hard to remember exactly where. Her work can be found in AGNI and Mid-American Review.


Dan Leach is a secret connoisseur of single-barrel bourbons. He teaches English at a small liberal arts college in the low country of South Carolina, and his latest short-story collection is Floods and Fires.


Alison Luterman has been working on two musicals, practicing scales, and taking hikes in the parks around her home in Oakland, California. She keeps an eye on the horizon, watching for smoke. On clear days, it’s still beautiful.


Stephen J. Lyons delivered prescriptions for Rosen’s Drugs in Chicago on a one-speed bicycle when he was in seventh grade. He went on to write five books of essays and journalism. His latest is West of East, which features tales of his other jobs. He lives in Monticello, Illinois.


Kim McLarin is a mother, writer, teacher, baker, and displaced Southerner who currently lives in Boston.


Jeremy Radin is a writer, actor, teacher, and dilettante birdwatcher. His second book of poetry, Dear Sal, is being reissued this fall. You can often find him sitting at home in LA, considering a trip to the delicatessen.


Thacher Schmid writes about people experiencing poverty, his work informed by his decades of social service. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and plays fierce violin, viola, and mandolin.


John Steinbeck is best known for his 1939 novel, The Grapes of Wrath. He served as a war correspondent during World War II and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He died in 1968.


In each issue of The Sun you’ll find some of the most radically intimate and socially conscious writing being published today. In an age of media conglomerates, we’re something of an oddity: an ad-free, independent, reader-supported magazine.



Susie Forrester has been taking pictures since she received her first Polaroid camera when she was twelve years old. She lives in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.


Michael Galinsky is a filmmaker, photographer, and musician who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His recent film All the Rage is about Dr. John Sarno and the connections between emotions and physical pain.


Chris Kogut lives in Pittsford, New York, and enjoys capturing moments that show the indomitable spirit of people. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, which has curbed her wanderlust.


Thom Lang has lived and worked as a photographer in New York City since 1994. He likes to go on long walks with his wife to explore parts of the city he’s never seen.


Julie Malhiot studied digital photography and graphic design at the Illinois Institute of Art. When not behind the camera, she styles clothing, products, and food for photo shoots. She lives near Chicago.


Johnny Martyr is a black-and-white film photographer who lives in Middletown, Maryland.


Craig J. Satterlee lives in Cody, Wyoming. A retired professor of photography, he is now on a quest to find the best pizza in the world.


Mike Voss is a retired news photographer who lives forty miles south of Chicago. He does the occasional freelance job when not too preoccupied with willing the White Sox into the World Series.


Forest Woodward is trying to complain less and listen more by making pictures of things he cares about. He likes long rambles in the woods and getting a bit scared in the dark. He lives in Franklin, North Carolina.


On The Cover

Robert Park recently moved from California to Bali, where he spends his days doing photography and his nights working on clothing design. He took the image on this month’s cover in Santa Ynez, California, as a storm rolled over the horizon of a country road.

image © Susie Forrester

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