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June 2022


John Bargowski tends a large organic garden in the hills of northwestern New Jersey. He has written two books of poetry, including his newest, American Chestnut.


Daniel Davis-Williams has worked as a Muay Thai instructor, journalist, teacher, and delivery driver. He lives in El Cerrito, California, and recently finished his first short-story collection, The Man Whose Head Was on His Shoulders.


Sophie Ezzell’s writing has appeared in River Teeth and Hippocampus. She lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where she makes lavender syrup and is pursuing an MFA in creative nonfiction from Oklahoma State University.


Alex R. Jones is a writer who regularly scuba dives in Laguna Beach, California. His essays have appeared in Harvard Review, Narrative, and The Threepenny Review.


Staci Kleinmaier is the editorial assistant at The Sun


Michael Meyerhofer once had a job testing urine samples at a rehab center, which naturally led to his career in poetry. He teaches in California and serves as poetry editor of Atticus Review. His fifth book of poetry is Ragged Eden.


Andrea Potos’s newest poetry collection, Her Joy Becomes, will be published by Fernwood Press in November 2022. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


Melida Rodas works as marketing and media-relations director for Cara Squared, an affordable-housing developer in New Jersey. Born in Guatemala, she is an advocate for equality and social justice.


Michael Torres spent his adolescence as a graffiti artist in Pomona, California. He teaches creative writing at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and with the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop.



Pete Duval is a fiction writer whose short-story collections include Rear View and The Deposition. He teaches writing and film at West Chester University in Pennsylvania and loves to walk with his camera through urban streets.


Dave Getzschman was a photojournalist for fifteen years. Then he started practicing yoga and meditation before training with Buddhist monks at a secluded forest monastery. He now lives in St. Louis, Missouri.


Nelly Higginbotham is a photographer who lives in Hotchkiss, Colorado. She has worked as an herbalist and farmer, and she once built an earth-bag house, using bags of dirt to form the walls.


Prescott Moore Lassman is a photographer and lawyer who lives in Washington, D.C. His work has been published in The Washington Post, SHOTS, and Antietam Review and is also on display in D.C. as part of the City Hall Art Collection. You can follow him on Instagram: @lassman_lenswork.


Ingrid Lockhart is a photographer who lives in Northern California.


Cyane Lowden has been making photos for more than forty years. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with a border collie who thinks she’s a stand-up comedian.


Khunya Lamat Pan is a photographer who lives in Austin, Texas. His photography obsession started in the mid-1990s when his grandmother gave him a Polaroid 600 camera. His images have been exhibited in galleries across the United States and Europe.


Paul Rabinowitz is a photographer and poet whose work has appeared in Waxwing and The Montréal Review. He lives in New Jersey.


Karen Schulman-Bear lives on a sheep farm in rural Kentucky and is the office manager for her family’s business. A retired music teacher, she started a community choir that, after a dozen years, has become a local institution.


William Wood is an emeritus chemistry professor who used to specialize in chemical ecology, including detailed studies of skunk spray. He took up photography to illustrate his research, which evolved into shooting photos of wildlife, nature, and people. He lives in Forest Grove, Oregon.


On The Cover

Julie Berson lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she enjoys street photography. She took the photo on this month’s cover, of a New York City newsstand owner, in 2021. You can follow Berson on Instagram: @artgirl1951.

image © Prescott Lassman

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