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December 2022


Diane Ackerman is the author of two dozen works of poetry and nonfiction, including The Zookeeper’s Wife, A Natural History of the Senses, The Human Age, and One Hundred Names for Love. She lives in Ithaca, New York.


Rob Bowers is publisher of The Sun. He started reading the magazine in 1996 as an antidote to his professional life in finance and commerce. He later left his career to start an organic farm and spent nine years toiling in the North Carolina dirt — an agrarian midlife crisis of sorts. Today he and his wife, Cheri, and daughter, Téa, live in Cedar Grove, North Carolina.


John Brehm lives in Portland, Oregon. His newest book of poetry, Dharma Talk, will be published in September 2023, which is a long time from now. He’s trying to be — or at least to appear to be — patient.


Finn Cohen is an associate editor of The Sun.


Michael Mark recently returned home to San Diego, California, after walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the Liechtenstein Trail. He’s the author of the poetry chapbook Visiting Her in Queens Is More Enlightening than a Month in a Monastery in Tibet.


JoDean Nicolette is a writer, teacher, and physician. She lives in Montana with her three dogs and four horses. She is working on a memoir, Trail Magic, and a short-story collection, Trots the Air.


Sam Ruddick’s writing has appeared in The Threepenny Review, Glimmer Train, and Dracula Beyond Stoker. He lives with his daughter in Alabama.


Rosanna Staffa left Milan, Italy, after college for a short trip to New York State. To her surprise, the U.S. became her permanent home. Her debut novel, The War Ends at Four, will be published in May 2023.



Jack Baber was a history buff and dog lover from Wabash, Indiana. His work is in the permanent collection of the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. He died in 2020.


Dominique Philippe Bonnet’s work has appeared in the British Journal of Photography, Fine Art Photo, Silvershotz, and F-Stop Magazine. He lives in France and is the business manager for a network of travel agencies.


Candice Estep is the co-owner of a sports-nutrition company. She lives in rural Texas and can often be found riding her horse or crawling through a dry creek bed with her dogs.


Sara Feld lives in Concord, Massachusetts. She discovered photography more than a decade ago while playing with an iPhone camera in a moving car. You can follow her on Instagram: @sara.feld.


Martha Frantz has been a nurse for a long time. She lives in Truckee, California.


Miroslav Hristov is a photographer who lives in Bulgaria.


Christopher Michel is the artist-in-residence at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. You’re more likely to find him at the South Pole than at his home in San Francisco, California.


Cole Thompson is a photographer who lives in Colorado. He is known for his black-and-white images and his beautiful hair.


Martin Vorel lives in Prague and works as a search-engine-optimization specialist. He is the founder of LibreShot, a stock-photography website, where many of his images are available for free.


Kentaro Watanabe is a photographer who lives in Tokyo, Japan.


On The Cover

Gloria Baker Feinstein lives in Portland, Oregon. Her most recent book of photography, I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For, includes poems by Oregon’s former poet laureate Kim Stafford. Feinstein took this month’s cover image, of a girl in a large plastic ball, at a carnival in Minnesota.

image © Cole Thompson

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