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February 1981


Robert Bly is the author of nine books, including the National Book Award winner Light Around the Body, and has translated and introduced to American readers many foreign poets.

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Elizabeth Rose Campbell is a writer who lives in the country near Saxapahaw, N.C.

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Barbara Crane lives in southern California with her eleven year old son. She is a technical writer, journal keeper, journal teacher, jogger, skier, hiker, but most of all she loves to write.

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Thomas Crowe is a poet and cultural activist who says of himself, “he moved from his boyhood heritage in the Great Smoky Mountains to anti-war, anti-draft involvement in the 60’s, to international social-literary and anti-nuke work on the West Coast in the 70’s, to his mountain farm home near Asheville, N.C., where he anticipates the 80’s in terms of continuously higher degrees of personal and community self-sufficiency.”

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Sy Safransky

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On The Cover

Julie Miller is an artist who lives in Chapel Hill.

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