I discovered THE SUN five issues back and with every issue the same thing happens: I can’t put it down until I read it cover to cover. Each time it leaves me totally astounded, amazed, and consciousness raised. I feel proud to be a SUN reader if the caliber of SUN readers can be judged by the “US” section.

Bob Hay
Athens, Georgia

Greetings to you, and my sincere thanks for all the “little” revelations I regularly absorb (and grow with) from THE SUN.

There seems a strong sense of co-evolution among so many widely scattered people, as thoughts, feelings, word-images, and values are channelled through THE SUN. To all our “imagineering,” and to your own vastly rewarding efforts in making such a consistently beautiful, inspiring magazine: cheers! I salute you!

Marty Wolf
Florissant, Colorado

This letter is in response to John Rosenthal’s essay “Insisting On Love” (Issue 63).

I, too, feel that the sense of enchantment needs to be restored. By enchantment, I am referring to the delight we find in celebrating the good in each of us. Shall we let the wonder in a child’s eyes and the “above and beyond the call of duty” smile of a bus driver pass through our consciousness like elevator muzak? Shall we not continue the dialogue and not allow the small miracles of human interaction to play on? The romantic call of the search for the one beloved numbs our senses and we become neglectful of the benefits of opening our hearts in everyday life.

An important part of this transformation is the entwining of our lives with the lives of everyone. We need to feel the tear of another as our tear and we need to let the earth laugh, let the city laugh and let the mountains laugh. We can see the reflection of that laughter in the people we encounter. Our honest and loving transactions are further refining mankind’s capacity for the attributes of God, a universal act of worship.

Once we have established our friendship with God, mankind and our planet we experience the yoga of everyday life. Token’s of God’s essence are everywhere and they can serve to help the earth to awaken to its potential. One form of this cultivation of attributes is the path of the householder. John Lennon and Yoko Ono have shown us that a relationship is a tool with which to serve the world. The path of the householder and the yoga of everyday life starts with enchantment and wonder.

Enchantment and wonder are spiritual entities accessible to everyone. The spiritual world underlies our temporal existence and is not merely locked in esoteric mysteries. We are all on a journey through the spiritual world, dreamed about and striven for by our ancestors. Enchantment starts in the open heart, opened to the love, heritage and hope of humanity.

William Jay Bender
Roanoke, Virginia