I’m depressed, said Gabriel.

What you need is to be analyzed, said the Devil.

Can you do it? said Gabriel.

It happens to be my profession, said the Devil.

Allright, go ahead, said gabriel.

Not so fast! This may take quite awhile, said the Devil.

I’m ready, what do I do? said Gabriel.

Just relax and start talking, said the Devil.

WEll, as I was saying, I’m depressed, said Gabriel.

I said: I’m depressed, said Gabriel.

I heard you, said the Devil.

When do you start analyzing me? said Gabriel.

You don’t understand. I’m only here to listen: you have to do the talking, said the Devil.

Oh, said Gabriel.

Go ahead now, I won’t interrupt, said the Devil.

Well, the other day God said to me. . . . said Gabriel.

Have you always thought of your father as God? said the Devil.

What is this, some kind of game? said Gabriel.

Not at all, not at all! Please continue, said the Devil.

So God said: Gabriel, we’re not facing reality, you spend your time flying around, playing a few tunes and talking to me. What is the point of it? said Gabriel.

Yes, yes? said the Devil.

Then he said: You’re wasting your time with me. Nobody sees me, that doesn’t matter, but why shouldn’t they see you? said gabriel.

No! Did he really say that? said the Devil.

So I said: But I thought that what you made me for, to fly and play music and talk to you! Then he said: Maybe I’ve changed my mind. . . . said Gabriel.

Extraordinary! said the Devil.

But don’t you see what this means? If God himself starts to doubt. . . . said gabriel.

Poor child, you really believe what you’re saying, don’t you? said the Devil.

There, there, now. We’ve all got to face reality some time, said the Devil.

Reality! Reality! Now you’re talking like him! said Gabriel.

Shows your old man has some good sense! said the Devil.

You haven’t understood anything at all! I’m trying to tell you there’s something wrong with God! He’s the one who’s really depressed. We’ve got to DO something to get him out of this state! said Gabriel.

Maybe if I tried a little hypnosis? said the Devil.

I think that God is my father, said Gabriel.

Just repeat after me: I think that my father is God . . . said the Devil.

I am afraid of my father, said Gabriel.

Don’t change the wording!! Repeat: I am afraid of my father, said the Devil.

And I am entirely dependent on him, said gabriel.

And I am entirely dependent on him. . . . said the Devil.

Just like a little baby, said Gabriel.

Just like a little Baby!!! said the Devil.

Which makes me totally incapable of facing reality, said gabriel.

Which makes me totally incapable of facing reality!!!! said the Devil.

I give up, said the Devil.

God, said Gabriel, listen. . . .

What you need is to be analyzed!

The Gabriel Books are a series of small cartoon books to be published by Natalia d’Arbeloff NdA Press 6 Cliff Villas London NWI 9AL England