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Scam Update

June 10, 2014

A few months ago, some of our subscribers received fraudulent renewal offers promoting The Sun at an inflated price. This mail did not come from us, and we are not affiliated with the company that sent it.

If you responded to the fraudulent offer, you may have recently received a postcard from “Magazine Link” stating that your subscription to The Sun could not be fulfilled and a subscription to another publication had been substituted for it.

This card does not reflect your subscription status with The Sun. You can check on your subscription by calling us at (888) 732-6736 or sending us an e-mail at

All subscription correspondence from The Sun features our logo and the address of our subscription department in Congers, New York. For more information about how to safely renew your subscription, please visit our FAQ. Questions regarding fraudulent subscription offers can be directed via e-mail to The Sun’s circulation manager, Molly House, at

Thank you for supporting The Sun.

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