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July 2017

Issue 499

The Whole Truth | Mark Leviton
Richard A. Leo On Why Innocent People Confess To Crimes

Life On The Outside | Joseph Rodriguez
A photo essay on the residents and clients of Walden House in Los Angeles

June 2017

Issue 498

Hooked | Arnie Cooper
Maia Szalavitz Debunks Myths About Addiction

Readers Write on “Losing”
A family heirloom, a best friend, a teen’s virginity

May 2017

Issue 497

A Walk On The Wild Side | Al Kesselheim
Joe Hutto’s Life With Animals

Animal Shelter | Mark Ross
A photo essay on beautiful, abandoned creatures that deserve to live out their lives in loving homes

April 2017

Issue 496

An Open Mind | Tracy Frisch
Sera Davidow Questions What We Think We Know About Mental Illness

Readers Write on “Almost”
Keeping a promise, making amends, hitching a ride

March 2017

Issue 495

Misdiagnosed And Misunderstood | Mark Leviton
Steve Silberman On The Mysteries Of Autism

Readers Write on “Leaps Of Faith”
An immigrant’s decision, a gambler’s dilemma, a daughter’s grief

February 2017

Issue 494

Weapons In The War For Human Kindness | Diana S. McCall
An Interview From The Sun’s Archives With David Budbill

On The Border | Szymon Barylski
A photo essay on fourteen thousand migrants stranded in an unauthorized refugee camp in Greece

January 2017

Issue 493

Every Reason To Stay | Christine Byl
Eva Saulitis’s Life With Whales

Readers Write on “Making Friends”
Late-night smokes, swearing lessons, the facts of life

December 2016

Issue 492

It’s Easier Than We Think | David Barsamian
Ralph Nader On How We Can Change Society

Three Dollars A Day | Amlan Sanyal
A photo essay on a road-construction site in Siliguri, West Bengal, India

November 2016

Issue 491

The Long Shadow | Jeanne Supin
Bruce Perry On The Lingering Effects Of Childhood Trauma

Readers Write on “First Impressions”
An autographed bookmark, a stack of children’s books, the ideal country dog

October 2016

Issue 490

An Unlikely Friendship | Judith Hertog
An Israeli And A Palestinian Make The Case For Peace

Readers Write on “Restaurants”
Two grenades, the NAACP, a changed man at the farmers’ table

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