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August 2016

Issue 488

Signs of Intelligent Life
Carl Safina’s Evidence That Other Animals Think and Feel

When They Came to Us
At first they were welcome
A story by Debbie Urbanski

July 2016

Issue 487

Who Are You Calling Crazy?
Gary Greenberg on How We Define Mental Illness — and How It Defines Us

Dirt Monkey
Howling into the void
By Shozan Jack Haubner

June 2016

Issue 486

The Skeleton Gets Up and Walks
Craig Childs on How the World Is Always Ending

Days of Human Sacrifice
Please pass the misery
A short story by Poe Ballantine

May 2016

Issue 485

Righteous Babe
Ani DiFranco on Music, Politics, and Staying Independent

A Merry Little Christmas
Knocking on Mother’s door
By S.J. Miller

April 2016

Issue 484

Two Ways of Knowing
Robin Wall Kimmerer on Scientific and Native American Views of the Natural World

A manager’s lament, a meddling husband, a reporter’s revenge
Personal stories by our readers

March 2016

Issue 483

Embracing Ignorance
Jack Miles on His Path from Belief to Disbelief and Back

A daughter’s blasphemy
By Randa Jarrar

February 2016

Issue 482

The Kids Are All Right
David Lancy Questions Our Assumptions about Parenting

Where the Wild Things Are
Children at play
A photo essay by Alain Laboile

January 2016

Issue 481

The Miracle in Front of You
Raymond Barfield on Practicing Medicine with Compassion 

Being Single
Getting in shape, losing a spouse, forgiving an ex
Personal stories by our readers

December 2015

Issue 480

It’s Her Choice
Katha Pollitt on the Struggle over Abortion Rights

About Winning
Proving her coach wrong 
By Henley O’Brien

November 2015

Issue 479

Great Expectations
Jennifer Senior on Modern Parenthood and Its Discontents

Labor Day
The relief can’t come too soon
By Lisa Taddeo

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