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September 2001 Cover Print

Susan Lirakis took the September 2001 cover photograph, of a first-grade teacher and her students observing an eclipse through protective lenses, at Sandwich Central School in New Hampshire in 1991.

September 2009 Cover Print

Jason Dorfman took the September 2009 cover photograph of a friend diving off a boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam. “It was a foggy, murky day,” he says, “which only added to the mystique of the towering limestone crags reflected in the emerald green water.”

August 2011 Cover Print

Lloyd Wolf took the August 2011 cover photograph of his daughter, Emma Sky, in their front yard when she was eight years old.

November 2011 Cover Print

Gary Harwood took the November 2011 cover photograph in 2005 while making annual portraits of the Manchester Dance Ensemble out of Akron, Ohio.

February 2013 Cover Print

Betty Bastai took the February 2013 cover photo while riding a ferry from Giglio Island, off the southern coast of Tuscany, back to mainland Italy. The sea gull landed on the ferry’s deck and seemed unfazed by her approach.

October 2016 Cover Print

Autumn Lee’s photo on the October 2016 cover was taken in New York City’s Little Italy neighborhood. The mural, titled LIBERTY, is by street artist Tristan Eaton.

January 2017 Cover Print

Cole Thompson took the January 2017 cover photo, of a sea turtle resting on the beach in the early evening, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

July 2017 Cover Print

Joseph Rodriguez’s photo on the July 2017 cover is of a former inmate and recovering addict named Marcos who works in the bakery at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. “I’m a two-striker,” he says. “Because of my criminal record [if I reoffend], I automatically get twenty-five to life with no possibility of parole. I’m trying to walk a straight line.”

December 2017 Cover Print

Jordan Hammond took the December 2017 cover photograph, of two Burmese monks reading a book in a pagoda, in Old Bagan, Myanmar.

June 2018 Cover Print

Zora J. Murff took the June 2018 cover photo of a woman who lives in North Omaha. The image is part of a series documenting the ongoing effects of an illegal banking practice called redlining, which discriminates against people of color.

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