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Parting The Veil

A New Approach To Biology

Today, October 22, 1983, with several million people throughout Europe taking part in demonstrations in support of United Nations Disarmament Week and protesting against plans to deploy yet more nuclear weapons in Europe, it is impossible not to be aware of the increasing danger with which we are faced. It seems to me that unless we change the way we think and feel, the chances of our own survival and the survival of countless other living organisms on this planet are remote. I hope that we can reflect a little more about this question of our attitudes and the influence they have.

By Rupert Sheldrake February 1985
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What Is Sex?

The cherry-on-top, some kind of magic glue, the whole world

By Our Readers June 1982


Once, in the Orient, I talked of suicide with a sage whose clear and gentle eyes seemed forever to be gazing at a never-ending sunset. “Dying is no solution,” he affirmed. “And living?” I asked. “Nor living either,” he conceded. “But, who tells you there is a solution?”

Elie Wiesel

May 1981
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Fear And Courage

Fear of losing control, feeding courage with trust and patience, looking to the Bible

By Our Readers November 1980
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The Genius Of The Planet

Jealous of the female art of creation, man conjured up the art of the mummified reflection, and so was born the Work of Art: a solid hunk of inanimate matter scratched and battered into a shape codifying his unique understandings.

By Medea (Rob Brezsny) January 1976
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Peopletalk: Language And Other Expressions

There is intentional communication and there is unintentional communication. Tolstoy said everything we do expresses something about us, but nothing we do expresses everything. Expressing one’s self is as real a human need as hunger.

By Priscilla Rich Safransky, Sy Safransky, Rob Gelblum, Ebba Kraar & David Bonnis January 1976
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Communicating With Yourself

A friend comes to my home. She tells me that she is very mad, and her mouth forms a tense but full smile. Another conversation, the person tells me that he is feeling “good, real fine.” His eyes make no contact with mine, his brow is furrowed, his body appears stiff.

By Leaf Diamant January 1976
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Dear Buddha

What is the body? Is the brain a biological mechanism that “creates” consciousness, or rather the manifestation of something beyond — and perhaps the source of — the physical?

By The Sun December 1975
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Seth: On LSD

“In therapy using massive doses of LSD, a condition of chemically enforced insanity takes place. By insanity, I mean a situation in which the conscious mind is forced into a state of powerlessness. There is a literal assault made not only upon the psyche, but upon the organizational framework that makes it possible for you to exist rationally in the world that you know. The ego, of course, cannot be annihilated in physical life. Kill one and another will, and must, emerge from the inner self which is its source.

By Seth December 1975