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Join Sun authors along with editor and publisher Sy Safransky for two lively weekends of writing, conversation, and inspiration in 2017.


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The Sun Interview

An Open Mind Sera Davidow Questions What We Think We Know About Mental Illness

by Tracy Frisch

“Too often we treat people as if they are too fragile to be challenged or to take responsibility. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”


Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Steps One Through Four

by Megan Denton Ray

“This past Christmas my father went into rehab.”


A List of My Utopias

by Debbie Urbanski

Worlds within worlds


The Art of Aging

by Sparrow

“As you read this essay, you are aging. The older you get, the more you become an emissary from a vanished world — in my case, a world of black-and-white photographs taken by a Brownie camera, the sun bleaching the faces of the squinting subjects.“


Foreign Coasts

by David Zoby

From the Middle East to the Mid-Atlantic


Hallie Bang

by Greg Ames

"That summer I had been reading Steppenwolf, and at night I walked around town in cutoffs and a Hawaiian shirt, thinking about despair, not sure if I was actually in it myself, and one Friday night, on a whim, I ended up at J.P. Bullfeathers on Elmwood Avenue, where I drank draft beer at the bar and watched a dull boxing match on the muted TV above the cash register."



The Donkey At The Gates Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

by David Rutschman

"Once, a donkey ascended to the shining gates of the kingdom of heaven. The gates were open."



The Diver

by Lynn Davis

Readers Write


by Our Readers

Keeping a promise, making amends, hitching a ride


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