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The Sun Interview

Dangerous Love Reverend Lynice Pinkard On The Revolutionary Act Of Living The Gospels

by Mark Leviton

“The bottom line is that we are called to lives of compassion. We are called to the work of liberation through love. That calling is the only thing in life worth suffering for.”


Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


by Sarah Einstein

Bringing a stranger home



by Anwar F. Accawi

“The Saudi petroleum giant needed English-speaking Arabs to work in its training center, where American engineers and heavy-equipment operators came to learn about Arab customs, culture, and traditions. My father, educated by Presbyterian missionaries, spoke excellent English and got a job as a lecturer.”


Last Call

by Elli Miles Kade

The drinking game


A Boy's Girl

by Katherine LaBelle

“He had an army knife he could use to pick any lock. Late at night I’d hear the ping that signaled the release of the latch on my bedroom door, and he would enter and sit at the foot of my bed and tell me stories about ghosts and madmen.”



Step Nine

by K.C. Wolfe

“Was I a drug addict? Yes, Mr. Frank, I was. I was never as badly addicted as others I’ve seen. I’m lucky for that.”



Better Angels

by Eric Nelson

Readers Write


by Our Readers

A smoldering church, a spark in the wilderness, a kitchen in flames


In This Issue



In the best sense of the word [Jesus] was a radical. . . . His religion has so long been identified with conservatism — often with conservatism of the obstinate and unyielding sort — that it is almost startling for us sometimes to remember that all the conservatism of His own times was against Him, that it was the young, free, restless, sanguine, progressive part of the people who flocked to Him.

Phillips Brooks


Letter to the Editor

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