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Love and Justice:
A Call for Photographs

The Sun is looking for black-and-white photographs and photo essays on the theme of love and justice. We’re more interested in personal perspectives than in photojournalism. We especially want to see work from photographers of color. ​Deadline: March 1.


Submit Online

We’re looking for personal essays, short stories, and poetry; please review our submission guidelines to make sure your work is a good fit.


Scam update

A few months ago, some subscribers received fraudulent renewal offers promoting The Sun at an inflated price. If you responded to the fraudulent offer, you may have recently received a postcard from “Magazine Link” stating that your subscription to The Sun could not be fulfilled. This card does not reflect your subscription status with The Sun.


Scam alert!

Some of our subscribers recently received a fraudulent renewal offer asking them to renew their subscription to The Sun for the price of $79.95. Do not send them any money.

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