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The Sun is searching for an Associate Publisher to direct finance, personnel, and business operations. We also have an opening for an Associate Editor.
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The Sun is hosting readings and book signings to celebrate Sy Safransky’s new book, Many Alarm Clocks.
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This year The Sun will host two lively weekends of writing and conversation in May and October.
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Our congratulations to the authors. Excerpts from all ten selections are available on our website.
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Announcing A New Book: Many Alarm Clocks

by Sy Safransky

“With touching concern, several subscribers have e-mailed recently to ask if I’m still upright and breathing and, if so, why Sy Safransky’s Notebook hasn’t appeared in The Sun since last February. Have I given up writing? Am I seriously ill? Has the staff been waiting for just the right moment — after the Super Bowl, before the start of Daylight Saving Time — to announce my demise?

Those readers can stop worrying. I’m still writing, I’m healthier than I have any right to be, and Sy Safransky’s Notebook will return next month — because the book I’ve been working on since the dawn of time is finally finished. It’s called Many Alarm Clocks, and it’s a collection of my Notebook entries.”


The Sun Interview

The Hand We’re Dealt Dalton Conley Asks Why Some People Get Ahead And Others Fall Behind

by Ariane Conrad

“There’s an old adage that a gene for aggression might land you in the boardroom if you’re born into the upper class, or it might land you in prison if you’re from the ghetto.”


Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

I’ll Never Bother You Again

by Heather Sellers

A boy’s obsession


Apartment 5

by Kelly Grey Carlisle

Trouble next door


Your Wretched Correspondent

by Saint James Harris Wood

“For almost ten years we’ve been publishing the work of a writer and musician we know by the somewhat grand name of Saint James Harris Wood, though the California Department of Corrections lists him simply as James Wood, Inmate T30027, currently serving a twenty-two-year sentence for second-degree robbery; he held up banks and stores with a toy gun to help pay for his heroin habit.”




by SeSe Geddes

Readers Write


by Our Readers

An overflowing closet, a nudist resort, a catalog of dreams


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The three great American vices seem to be efficiency, punctuality, and the desire for achievement and success. They are the things that make the Americans so unhappy and so nervous.

Lin Yutang


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