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Karen Whalley

Karen Whalley lives in Port Angeles, Washington. She is the author of the poetry collections My Own Name Seems Strange to Me and The Rented Violin. Once travel restrictions are lifted, she hopes to travel to Ireland to explore her ancestry.

— From May 2021

Lucky Pick

At the library / you can ask for a “lucky pick,” / meaning the librarian will choose / a novel for you based on what you tell her, / like blind dating or a toy / buried deep in the bottom of a box / of cereal, because there are still things / in life that might surprise us.

May 2021

Selling The Old Family Volvo

The young couple and their two small sons / Drive from the city to pay for and take the keys / To my old family Volvo — a car, like a house, / Full of memories, full of departures and returns.

February 2017
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