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August 1984


Fred Hean makes furniture in Darnestown, Maryland.

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Jon Remmerde irrigates about five hundred acres of wild meadow for hay and pastures, keeps up about twenty miles of barbed wire fence, and cuts firewood to sell, in Whitney Valley, Oregon.

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Sy Safransky

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Sparrow wears size 33 pants, uses Bee and Flower soap, and lives in New York City. He was recently arrested at the Federal Building protesting the Central Intelligence Agency. His favorite novelist is Henry James. Sparrow is looking for a publisher for his stories. (Sparrow, 82 Wadsworth Terrace, Apartment 2A, New York, N.Y. 10040.)

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Sallie Tisdale lives in Portland, Oregon. A registered nurse and the mother of a six-year-old boy, she is writing full-time now. She says her story in this issue is “loosely based on real people and a real situation.”

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